Nothing could be more interesting than love, a gift to all humankind. It is perfect when expressed the right way, in the right place and at the right moment. Love is in the air once again, the season of lovers is here. 

A time to go out on a romantic date with your love, enjoying the melody of each romantic songs played at the venue, watching each other with an uncontrollable smile on your face every moment he reminds you of his unconditional love for you. Lost in his arms as you dance slowly on the dance floor, waiting to go home with him and feel the love all through the night. 

You must be working on the perfect plans to look you best for him this lovely day of Valentine. I know you want to take his breath away with every step you take towards him as he stands beside the car to take you out on a romantic date like never before. 

How about you come with me on an adventure that reveals how to capture him in deeper love through you beautiful hair from the very first sight this valentine. Come with me to the land of beauties; let me show you how it is done through these beautiful hairstyles. 

Trust me. I have a perfect hair idea for you. Let us start with the awesome hairstyles.

Ponytail with Curly Side and Long Side Bang

This first lovely style is unique with a twist on the side moving towards the well-packed ponytail. Some black beauties are gifted with hair, long enough to make this beautiful hair a reality but don't worry, this hairstyle is achievable using a hair extension.

Proceed with me to the land of queens as I reveal the next hairstyle to you.

Twisted Braid

Here we are in the city of Queens, the black American beauties. We sure know how to keep it royal and beautiful. The twisted braid, this hairstyle does the magic of calling for touch from your love and even those close to you enough to say, “Let me take a look at this beautiful hair of yours.” This is an excellent hair idea for a valentine date with prince charming. It will not only make you look more beautiful, but it will also reduce the amount you have to spend on getting your hair fixed for the party. Get your makeup ready, waste no time to get a gown with a perfect touch of red because it is raining love on Valentine's night and you definitely cannot escape getting wet in the rain of love.

How about we take our journey to the land of the Francophones and see how these romantic people get it done.

 French Braid Crown

Dansemoijusqu’au bout de l’amour (Dance me to the end of love) my darling. That is certain to be his confession on the dance floor with this romantic French braid. The French braid crown is one of the romantic hairstyles popular amongst French women for romantic dates, dinner parties, and weddings. It is unique and perfect for every woman regardless of her skin color, which means it will work for you too. With a lovely gown and a nice hair extension, (color depends on your skin tone and natural hair color) you can be romantic for him this Valentine just like the Francophones. The crown part of it makes it different from every other braid out there, and of course, you deserve a crown as the queen of his heart.

Time to see how African ebony beauties paint a perfect picture of beauty with their hairstyle.

The Flat Twist Updo

Being black is a blessing not just because of the natural beauty attached to it but because every hair idea works perfectly trust me, they invented lots of styles too. The natural sexiness attached to your black skin can be elevated with this lovely flat twist updo. Not only will he get the door of the car open for you just for the Valentine, but he will also be stock with you finding it challenging to look elsewhere all through the dinner. If you haven’t tried out this hairstyle before, surprise him this valentine by revealing another sexy side of you to him with a beauty he has never seen before.

Side-Swept Wave

I told you we are venturing into the world of beauties, and here we are in another world of black beauties. Have you learned anything about the black magic smile? Then you might want to try this smile and cuteness enhancing hairstyle this valentine. This elegant side-swept hairstyle made using a perfect hair extension will sweep him off his feet. Give him a look he can’t resist then trap him with smiles he can’t escape. Let me tell you a secret “rock this hairstyle on your Valentine's date with him, or I will be there to steal the show with this fantastic style.”

Still, in the world of the blacks, let us look at some other fantastic hairstyles

The Fishtail

A lovely look in a season of love is what you need to make the day more fun. This gorgeous hairstyle can help you achieve that attractive look/beauty if you are willing to give it a trial. The style is different because of a perfectly made ponytail having the shape of a fishtail. If you have ever wondered what the beauties under the sea look like? Then all you have to do is get this hair fixed and stand in front of the mirror to find out.

Last on this list is the half up/half down hairstyle.

Half Up/Half Down

This charming hairstyle is definitely one of the perfect styles you should try this valentine. Not only is the style charming but it gives you comfort, making it easy for you to dance with him after dinner and worry less about packing the hair to the side every minute because it doesn’t cover your face.