How to make $100,000 in six months drop shipping Hair Extensions.

The easiest thing to do in the 21st century is to start Drop Shipping Hair Extensions to your customers to start a business. Yes, you’ve heard that right! The advances in technology over the past years have made it possible for you to start a business with virtually no capital. You just need your laptop and an internet connection and then you’re good to go.

In this article, I’m going to give you a short introduction to a selling technique called dropshipping and how you can use it to start your hair extension selling business.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is simply defined as a selling technique where the seller doesn’t hold any inventory. The seller ships the products directly from the supplier/manufacturer to the customers. This whole transaction is facilitated online in three simple steps;

1.Seller lists hair extensions for sale in her online store

2.Customer places an order and pays for the hair extensions

3.Seller gives the customer’s details to the manufacturer or wholesaler so that they ship the hair extensions to the customer.

If you need to know why you should start dropshipping hair extensions, read on.

1. There is a huge market

In doing my research, I figured out that the hair extensions market is currently valued at $5Bn a year. What this means is, there is huge potential for dropshipping hair extensions and with a little marketing, you can make a killing dropshipping hair extensions.

2. You don’t hold inventory

I said it in the introduction but as we all know, repetition is power. When dropshipping, you won’t handle any inventory which means you get more time to focus on what matters, selling.

3. Risk Free

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of starting a dropshipping business. You only purchase your hair extensions when the customer's have bought from you. There is no possibility of you running into a loss because you have stocked extensions nobody seems to want.

4. Easy to start

To start dropshipping hair extensions, you only need two things, a trustworthy supplier to ship products to your customers and an online platform to sell on. The best thing is that a simple google search can help you acquire both easily in 30 minutes.

5. You get more time.

If you are someone who has a full time job or an all time hustler, dropshipping can help you in amazing ways. Apps such as Orbello can help you automate the selling process. Automation will make it possible for you to manage your store for 30 minutes a day giving you more time to work on other stuff.

6. You can easily scale

With dropshipping, since you won’t be handling any physical hair extensions, it becomes very easy for you to scale your business without having to be concerned about space.

7. Lowers costs

When dropshipping hair extensions, it becomes easier for you to launch new product lines. And you can easily do a product test to determine market demand without hitting rock bottom which means you’ll save money because all this can be done cost free.

8. Leverage on the power of analytics

With dropshipping, it’s easier to track how your hair extensions business is growing. This is done using a tool like google analytics and other similar alternatives. The data you get from using these tools is invaluable because you can use that to look for similar customers to those you may have.

9. Really convenient

This point is related to others we may have talked about but still, convenient is dropshipping middle name. When you dropship, you get real convenience because of the vast portfolio of features associated with dropshipping.

10. Easily manage your customers

You can easily integrate your online store with a CRM software like Hubspot. What this means is that it becomes increasingly easier for you to manage your customers no matter how many they may be. In turn, you’ll get to sell even more hair extensions.


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