Let me explain what virgin hair really is.

Have you ever wondered what the term virgin hair meant? Well in this article I am going to thoroughly explain what virgin hair really is.

When most people hear the words virgin hair they automatically think of that good stuff, you know that expensive high-quality hair that probably just came off some good haired, Indian, European, Malaysian, Brazilian, or Peruvian girl. Yes you know what I'm talking about, that "good hair" the kind of hair that everyone wishes they were born with, well your ideas are right. Virgin hair is that "good hair" but you're probably wondering what makes it stand out from any ordinary hair; first thing first is quality! Quality is definitely the thing that can either make or break your virgin hair.

The first step in ensuring high quality in your virgin hair is to inspect it. High-quality virgin hair still has the hair cuticles intact and not stripped, preserving the cuticles helps to create a natural authentic appearance and also helps to ensure that the hair remains shiny, silky, super soft and tangle free throughout its lifetime.

The second and last step in ensuring quality in your virgin hair is to give it a good co-wash which you use conditioner. By washing your virgin hair you will automatically be able to tell if your hair is truly virgin. Real virgin hair is never dyed or processed if it is it's not considered 100% unprocessed and is definitely not virgin.