Real virgin hair 101

Virgin unprocessed hair is a specific kind of human hair that is well treated from the root to tip, which makes the cuticle intact. When the hair is amassed, it's usually pulled back and tied into a single tail. This keeps all the strands running in the same direction. This means the process of keeping it in good shape and condition will be less challenging.

Having the cuticles all going the same direction stops the tangling and shedding you'll see with other types of hair. Real hair has cuticles and removing those makes it look less authentic. The quality can also be compromised, unlike virgin human hair.

You can test your virgin hair by washing it if it becomes dull and lifeless and begins to mat and tangle then it isn't 100% unprocessed virgin hair which you will be limited to wearing it for only about six to eight weeks.

There are different kinds of hair that are available and more are always coming every year to the market but the look, texture and the strength of virgin hair cannot be matched. In making your choices consider the characteristics of the hair. Some of the characteristics are the natural movement of the hair and the ability to remain intact and untangle as you care for them.

Natural Hair extension

Natural hair extension is natural hair collected, prepared and improve to lengthen the individual hairstyle. This is available in a natural straight or wavy form and the colors vary to match the customer natural hair so they will be able to achieve the look that is desired.

Hair extension allows people to change their hairstyle by adding length, volume, and color to their natural hair, which is possible for different hair condition either short, thin, soft or long. It can be braided, glued in, woven in or clipped in. You can also choose to make it colorful by adding colors.

If you desired to have long hair but you gave up on the thought, it’s time to think it over because human hair extensions are now available in the market. Gone are the days when only a few women could have long and lustrous hair and changes their look with various hairstyles.

Human hair extensions will help you have the most naturally attractive look. Human hair extensions have a long life because the human hair extensions are made of virgin hair. They are in good health. If it is properly cared for, it can stay in shape for 6 months plus.

Hair extension online

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