You and Your Customers 1

Increase in customer and customer satisfaction are two crucial things in any business. For any significant growth in business, it is necessary to understand how this two works.

Who are your customers?

Without need, supply is almost useless. This means every business must have a target market that needs and will appreciate the value they are providing with fantastic rewards. Those in need of your services are your potential customers that can become your actual customers if you present your services in the right manner. However, it is essential for you to know that getting a customer is different from keeping a customer. Everyone who purchases any product or services from you is your customer and should be treated with all respect to ensure his/her satisfaction and continuous patronage.

Getting a customer

Several methods and tactics can be used to draw the attention of customers to yourself, but we will be looking at just a few of them in this article.

  • Advertisement: even though you already know your targeted customers, what is hidden may never draw the attention of anyone. This makes it important to make your business visible to the people around that will appreciate it and patronize you. This process of making yourself, your business, and your services known to the public, targeted market and individuals is known as an advertisement.
  • Be the Solution: No matter how you package your services and present it to the people, if it is not solving an existing problem, you cannot remain in the market for long. This would prevent you from gaining customers because the first set of customers you come across would influence most of your potential customers to withdraw from patronizing you.
  • Branding: The way you present yourself in business is significant for convincing people to give you a trial. This means if you do not look like a service provider, you may never be called or trusted to provide a service and if your product is not having an attractive look that it ought to have, people may not give it a second look. For this reason, it is essential to work on yourself as a service provider to attract customers towards you and give your product the best look to make it attractive to people.
  • Follow Up: Most people make the mistake of sticking with the promise of a potential customer who promises to come back instead of going after them with the use of different communication medium. Customers value communication and feeling of importance. Winning them over means, you should be ready to provide one. LEARN MORE!