By using our free dropshipping program you will have access to our complete online inventory of Bundles, Lace Frontal, Lace Closures, and Hair Extensions. Your welcome to purchase any item you would like to sample before starting your Drop shipping account. Note we do not give away free hair bundles as samples. We provide magnificent fulfillment capability.(Zina Dolls Hair Collection) will NOT appear in or on any shipping packages for the privacy of our business partnership. If you have any branding materials and packaging (Hang tags, bundle wraps, stickers, shipping bags etc) ship to PO Box 470652 Miami Fl 33247 United States of America. 


Our Drop Shipping  Program and Order Process

1. Once you have access to our products through the Drop Shipping program you will automatically get our discount prices.

2. Make sure you adjust your online prices to make a profit. Example if our price is $100 you will need to add $50 or $100 or whatever profit you would like to make after you have paid our $100.

3. First you get an order from your customer in your online store in which the funds will be in your PayPal or bank account first.

4. Second you will contact us by phone ( 786-768-6244 ) or email whichever is convenient for you to send your customers order invoice and shipping label via email.

5. Once we receive the customer order via email.

6. Then you will make the purchase from our online store and automatically keep the profits that was made from that transaction.

7. We will then package and ship the order out. 

8. Someone is available to assist with orders 24/7.

9. Yes we can provide images of products for a cost.

10. Yes you set your own pricing/ sales/ promotions just remember when you get access to drop shipping the prices you see is the price we want for our products.

Bonus 11. You are welcome to list your products for sale on Amazon, Ebay, etc.


                                          YOU MUST HAVE A WEBSITE ALREADY FOR OUR DROP SHIPPING PROGRAM

                                         OR WE CAN BUILD YOU ONE STARTING AT $395

                             PRODUCT PHOTOS ARE $19.99 A PHOTO WITH 3 DIFFERENT ANGLES.

1.Privacy Safety 

Once signed up, all orders are placed on our website at All of your personal information is protected by our Secure Server Software, which fully encrypts and protects all of your personal data (name, address, and credit card number) so that it cannot be read by anyone on the internet.

2.Shipping / Arrival policy

All orders that will be shipped comes with a tracking number provided by the shipping carrier (USPS).

By policy, You have to supply a tracking number for all orders that have been shipped. You will have to make sure your customers receive updated tracking information every step of the way from you as well.

Orders are sent out to be shipped same day if the order is in before 12 noon. Any orders after shipping hours will ship out next business day (AM). Our in-state (Florida) orders are delivered within 1-2 Business Days, Out of state (Any States Outside Of Florida) orders are delivered within 1-3 Business days.

3.Payment Method

We accept several major payment methods. Below is a list of the major credit cards we accept with placing orders.
American Express
Apple Pay

Our Inventory

Zina Dolls Hair Collection carries over 27,000 pieces of guaranteed 100% unprocessed virgin human hair and processed human hair. To help manage this process we have a High Stock and Low Stock notification which can be provided to you daily to better aid your purchases via email.

Inventory is updated daily with brand new products input every day. Moreover, products are removed out of inventory when they are out of stock. Therefore, to lower the likelihood of any out of stock products we greatly recommend checking with us first via email.

Return Policy

Returns are accepted however the product must be unused and unopened.

Order Cancellation

System processing enables us to cancel any order upon placement so we highly recommend you review your order carefully before placing.Once products are received they can be returned back to us if any mistakes took place with the order.

Fraud Orders

Here at Zina Dolls Hair Collection, we're not responsible for fraudulent orders. It is the responsibility of our customers to have verified all their customers billing information before placing an order with us.

Sales Tax

By policy, the drop shipper is to charge state tax for any package that is being shipped to the state to which they are based.

Items Out of Stock

If an item isn't listed on our website, we don't have it in stock at that moment. If in the event we are not able to fulfill your order. You will be notified that the item is out of stock and will not be able to be fulfilled.Automatically we will issue a refund to your account/credit card. It is your responsibility to inform your customer and refund their funds.

We can't wait to do amazing business with you.